Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to School Must-Haves

Personally, I am a giant fan of leggings; I would wear them every day if I could. So it's no surprise that one of my bts must-haves is a pair of leggings.

These leggings are Zella's "Live In Leggings" in black and they are my absolute favorite and they are not see through at all and I just love them and you can wear them with basically anything. They are $52 at Nordstrom.  Here's a link if you want to check them out!

Another bts must have is a comfy sweater. You can find these basically anywhere, from thrift shops to Forever 21. Here are some examples from www.Forever21.com

These sweaters range from $14.80-$22.80 at Forever 21 and I think they're definitely worth it! You can pair these sweaters with leggings or skinny jeans, and ankle boots (combat, cowboy, etc) and scarves too!

Another bts must-have is some cute tennis shoes! If you're willing to pay the money I definitely suggest investing in some Vans or Keds or Converse! All 3 brands last a long time and are super cute! But, if you're looking for a cheaper version of those kind of shoes, check out Payless for some cute, simple off-brand ones! Personally, I have some from all 4 places. Here are some of the choices you have from each brand!

The above shoes are from the brand "City Sneaks" and are sold at Payless and cost around $17.99 when not on sale. I have a few pairs of these and I love them, they stay together very well and if you wanted you could draw on them to customize them (but I'll get into that later). Just beware that since they are white, they will get dirty! You can always wash them though!

These shoes are Converse and are typically $50 (or less if you go to an outlet) and also last forever. I've had my pair for 4 years and they are still in pretty good shape, not perfect, but I can still wear them! These shoes also might get dirty, but you can definitely wash them (I've done this before) and the color doesn't fade!

These particular Keds are $40, but on sale you can find them for cheaper. I don't love these, but I have only had one pair and it was a while ago, but from what I've heard they're pretty quality shoes.

I have these exact pair of Vans (they're canvas authentic) and I absolutely adore them. I've only had them for about a year, but they have lasted very nicely! You would think that the color would make them hard to match with stuff, but they definitely work well with a BUNCH of different stuff. These are typically $45 and I think they are well worth it!

Alright, my next bts must-have is some graphic tees. You can basically find these at any department store. Forever 21 carries loads of them, Nordstrom has some as well and almost any store you can think of.

All the above tops are from Forever 21 and range from $13.80-$17.80 and I think they're all well worth it, Forever 21 stuff is very cute and seems to last long enough!

Kay, one of my last bts must-haves are flannels and denim shirts/vests/jackets. 

Personally, I found my denim jacket at a thrift shop for under $15 and I love it and it's totally cute, so I suggest hitting up your local thrift shop or Value Village or Goodwill for some cheap denim jackets!

I also found my denim vest at a thrift shop (sort of). I bought a denim jacket and did a little DIY magic and voila I had a denim vest! I'll post a how-to soon! It's perfect because it only cost like $8 and it's super cute! I suggest checking your local thrift shops before you go and pay 40 some odd dollars on something you could've done yourself for under $10!

Another super cute top that is definitely a must-have is a denim shirt! These are different from denim jackets because they are MUCH thinner and more like a shirt! I personally found a super cute one for about $15 at Fred Meyer, but you can find them at places like Forever 21 as well. 

This particular one is from Forever 21 and is $22.80 and super cute!

Lastly, I LOOOOOVE flannels so they are definitely a bts must-have. I got one of mine from Kohls for pretty cheap and good quality, but you can also find these in most thrift shops! And Forever 21 of course, they seem to have everything!

These flannels range from $19.80-$24.80 at Forever 21 and are super cute! The last one is studded!

I hope you get inspired to grow your bts wardrobe after seeing this!

Basically, bye!

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